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MissionStatementASI pioneered the electronic fuel management industry in 1986 with the Attendant™ and reinvented the way all fluids would be managed for the next 25 years. Today, ASI continues to lead the industry in innovation with new products and cutting edge technology to cater to our customer’s growing fluid management needs.

At ASI our priority is the customer, and we take pride in the level of customer service that we offer. You will always be able to phone us with inquiries, and always talk to a person directly.

At ASI we believe in quality; of our products and our customer service, and it is our mission to offer our customers the best of both.
Our sales department will never misinform or assume information about a project, as this degrades the quality of service that we strive to deliver. You will always be dealing with a knowledgeable and honest employee at ASI.

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