Driver Incentive Program


Expanding on the premium software products in our line, ASI is pleased to offer a driver incentive program. This program is compatible with WinFuel®, but it is also designed to work independently. The program is also compatible with 5th Wheel, T-Check and other fuel supplier web-sites.

This program will allow you to track the efficiencies of your drivers across various routes and equipment. It will identify the drivers that are employing best practices and getting the best efficiency on your vehicles. The program will also calculate the fuel savings that each driver generated so that they can be rewarded based on the money that they saved the company.

This program is offered as a desktop PC license or as a web app that you can access anywhere with a secure login and password. Take a look below at the benefits of the program as reported in our case studies. This information was reported by actual trucking company owners who tested the software.